Our Productions

Equal Voices has developed itself into a real show / musical choir. Until now, three shows were developed and preformed. The scripts were written by ourselves, the music was chosen by ourselves, the films were made by ourselves and all business-stuff was organised by members of the choir. In particular, the Activities Committee has made a case for the realization of these projects. In the Weerter Munttheater the shows were performed for an enthusiastic audience. The following is a brief description of the shows Equal Voices has produced to date:

Listen to the Music – Impression from the floor

Listen to the Music (2001)

Ian Hoffman is a world famous movie star, but on the way to a movie premiere, he fell. He ends up in his own past and must try to become a big star again. This leads to hilarious scenes. Will Ian succeed in his past to come back in reality? This show was full of song and dance. We used music from Elvis, Star Maker, and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals Miss Saigon and Fame. For this production we were supported by our sister organization Vocal Ensemble Genti.

Medisch Centrum Spoedgeval (2003)

Medisch Centrum Spoedgeval

The show:“Medical Center Emergency” is about a hospital in need of money and threatens to be bought by a mysterious person. The hospital staff is trying with all their powers to save what can be saved, but it seems too late … and even the police makes it’s entrance. The music from the show comes from eg “the Blues Brothers,” “the BeeGees”, ‘Aretha Franklin’ and ‘Brian Setzer’. The show is a mix of singing, drama, dance, music and multimedia. With a projector, extra scenes were shown to support the story, as well as additional scenes for the whole greater impetus. The song, dance and music are fully rehearsed and performed in-house. For acting we have received support from director Hendrikje Kakenbeke, who as our coache gave us many helpful hints. For this production we got help from our sister organization Genti Vocal Ensemble and there was a guest role for Giocoso.


The show is meant for young and old and, partly because it is written and produced by young people, very worthwhile to watch for this audience. The performances are made possible by the Province of Limburg and the town of Weert. The performances will take place under the banner of the WIT Foundation (Weert Is Theatre), which was founded recently. “Medical Center Emergency” is the first project of the foundation.


About the performers: The production is a collaboration between youth choir Equal Voices and Vocal Ensemble Genti. Both choirs are in the 80s created the Groenewoud and, from the start, led by Rita Scheffers. About the writers / producers:Medical Center Emergency was written and produced by a three person team of Equal Voices Youth Choir. Willem Hoeben (24), Celester Reijnart (20) and Thomas Seerden (18) spent more than one year on this production. Willem is active in the theater and film, Celester was taking care of dance and clothing and Thomas regulates especially the business section and the things that remain. The whole is in-house written and produced by three youths, in cooperation with the Munttheater and the WIT Foundation.

It’s a grand night for singing! (2008)

Unlike the previous two shows “It’s a grand night for singing!” is a pure music show. In a dazzling, full-length show, the audience was taken through many styles of music. Music from the movie The Lion King and music from the musical Aida: we preformed them all! Everyone danced and sang away! For this production we were partnered with a youth choir from Swartbroek, Cantarella.

We’re all in this together (2009)

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Sing! (2013)

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